About the Show

About the Podcast

Have Movies, Will Game is an irreverent and whimsical podcast that takes movies new and old off the big screen to a round-table discussion, bringing them to your gaming table. Join Matthew, Dusty, and Nathanael every other week as they break down different movies, share their own takes of what made those movies great (or awful!), and then give you advice on how you can find gaming inspiration from them for use at your tabletop role-playing group.

Each episode features a different movie and a new multitude of gaming options! It’s a good half-and-half mix of movie trivia, trope breakdowns, and the tabletop gaming advice born from that critique – with a healthy helping of friendly comedy!

All movie posters that we use in our posts are pulled from The Movie Database Online.

The “Censored Beep” sound used in our clip reels is provided by Mastercard at the SoundBible site, used under Creative Commons Attribution license.

Have Movies, Will Game is an official Breakfast Puppies production.