Have Movies, Will Game is taking an extended hiatus

Dear friends and listeners, I bring sad news. While in the middle of a planned break for show reformatting, unexpected family crises have occurred within our crew. As should be a sacred accord in any healthy family, loved ones always come first. As such I am grieved to announce that starting today, the Have Movies, Will Game podcast is going on an extended hiatus of currently-unestimated length.

We have had a lot of fun on this road, and we’re overjoyed that you were there to walk it with us. We hope to regroup and perhaps return to this project some time in the future, but cannot speak now to if or when. In the meantime, we’ll be turning off the collection for our Patreon, but the catalog of episodes will remain live for the foreseeable future, so that anyone can still listen.

Thanks especially to Rex, Kevin, and the rest of the Palladium Books crew that reached out to us with your awesome words of support, those really made our year (and for some of us who cut our teeth with your games, it made our lives).

To everyone: many thanks, and all our love.

-N. Phillip Cole, owner and producer at Breakfast Puppies LLC (https://breakfastpuppies.com/)

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