Series 1 Voting Results, and News on Schedules

An announcement on the winner of our Series 1 game lineup, and news on the future of our scheduling!

Hey folks! We finally are announcing the Series 1 winner, meaning which game we will take and turn into a video recorded one-shot game of RPG excitement. For our first ever (released) video, the movie game will be: The Fifth Element, using Feng Shui 2! Hooray! We hope to get that into production very shortly, and are super excited to bring it to you.

Additionally, we’re bringing news of changes to our release schedule. Life, work, and general busy-ness are pushing us to a new bi-weekly schedule going forward. This will significantly lighten  our load on the back-end, and give us more resources to dedicate to making videos as well. This is a good thing!

Anyway, thanks for your patience while we iron out more of the production hiccups. All is explained in this mini-episode, and we hope you stick around for more awesome podcasting excitement to come!


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