Episode 0002 – District 13 (2004)

The finest parkour buddy-bro action that film has to offer! What games could best serve this dystopian macho-stunting French romp? In our second episode, we look at one of NPC’s favorite films, the French parkour-action thriller

District 13 – aka Banlieue 13, or District B13. It’s an almost non-stop parkour martial arts chase from beginning to end, and perfectly game-able at a role-playing tabletop. We’re still tweaking the setup a bit in this one, and you’ll notice a few more changes to come as we use the first four episodes to really get everything set the way we want.

  • 00:00:01 – Intro
  • 00:00:40 – Welcome & Movie Talk
  • 00:42:19 – Break
  • 00:43:19 – Game Talk
  • 01:03:33 – Outro

Hosts: Matthew Gray, Dusty Eppers, Nathanael Cole Intro Music: Syd Valentine’s Patent Leather Kids – “Rock And Gravel” Announcer: Isaac Sher Edited By: Nathanael Cole Employee of the Month: K2

Have Movies, Will Game is distributed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Movie poster image acquired from The Movie Database.

These people need air!

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