Episode 0043 – Apocalypse Now (1979)

You hear that? Do you hear that? Podcast, son. Nothing else in the world sounds like that. I love the sounds of geekdom in my podcatcher. You know, one time we recorded an episode, for 2 hours. When it was all over, I released it, and that’s what you’re about to hear: APOCALYPSE NOW!

We once again welcome you back to our show, with our forty-third episode. Matthew got a bit tired of the “fluff” movies we’ve been doing, and demanded something gritty, and boy does this movie deliver that. Prepare for a ride into the background of this trauma-heavy film, and stick with us as we ride further down the river on a journey into how you can find gaming inspiration here. Bring some water and bug repellent.

Highlights (We support podcast chapters!):
  • 00:00:01 – Intro
  • 00:00:40 – Movie Talk
  • 00:41:13 – Sponsor Break
  • 00:41:53 – Gaming Talk
  • 01:19:36 – Outro
  • Hosts: Matthew Gray, Dusty Eppers, Nathanael Cole
  • Intro Music: Syd Valentine’s Patent Leather Kids – “Rock And Gravel”
  • Announcer: Isaac Sher
  • Produced and Edited By: Nathanael Cole
  • 1979 Award for Incoherent Ranting Goes to: Marlon Brando

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