Episode 0026 – Aliens (1986)

We’re all gonna die man, we’re all gonna die! Game over… but really we’re only just beginning! This time we’re talking about the great 1986 sci-fi action horror extravaganza of quotes, Aliens!

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Episode 0025 – Jurassic Park (1993)

I have HAD IT with these monkey-fighting Dinosaurs on this Monday-to-Friday island. That’s right, we’re finally talking about Jurassic Park!

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Episode 0022 – Dungeons and Dragons (2000) Live at Wagoncon 2018

Live from Wagoncon 2018, we talk about the greatest fantasy masterpiece film of all time: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! Continue reading Episode 0022 – Dungeons and Dragons (2000) Live at Wagoncon 2018

Episode 0021 – Dune (1984)

It is by fun alone you set your podcatcher to download and listen. That’s right: This week we finally get to the movie that we’ve been wanting to do since day one: DUNE! Continue reading Episode 0021 – Dune (1984)

Episode 0020 – Master and Commander (2003)

This week we bring back our good friend Scott to talk with us about one of Matthew’s favorite films, Master and Commander! Continue reading Episode 0020 – Master and Commander (2003)

Episode 0018 – The Goonies (1985)

After a short scheduling break, we’re back with a round-table jam on a nostalgic classic, The Goonies. This one’s a pretty passionate session, too! Continue reading Episode 0018 – The Goonies (1985)