Episode 0005 – Valerian (2017)

And finally, the movie we’ve been talking about doing since day one: Valerian! Did it hold up to expectations? Listen and find out! Continue reading Episode 0005 – Valerian (2017)

Episode 0004 – Sneakers (1992)

Got the feeling there are Too Many Secrets in these modern times? Join us as we dive into the crypto-thriller Sneakers! Continue reading Episode 0004 – Sneakers (1992)

Episode 0003 – Transformers the Movie (1986)

One shall stand and one shall fall! Taking it back to our nostalgic love of the Transformers. Do you have the Touch? Continue reading Episode 0003 – Transformers the Movie (1986)

Episode 0002 – District 13 (2004)

The finest parkour buddy-bro action that film has to offer! What games could best serve this dystopian macho-stunting French romp? Continue reading Episode 0002 – District 13 (2004)

Episode 0001 – The Fifth Element (1997)

I am a Meat Popsicle, and so can you! Our first episode, and it’s a bang: the 20-year old masterpiece, The Fifth Element! Continue reading Episode 0001 – The Fifth Element (1997)